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Clearcut Ortho; exercise therapy for Parkinson's disease here in Fort Worth

Paying for Senior Care.  Financial options for long-term care specifically for Parkinson's patients.

Memory Care at Senior Homes

Nursing Home Abuse Center
Nursing Home Abuse Center - Defending Against Elder Abuse

Comprehensive Resume and Career Guide for People with Disabilities
Resume and Employment Guide for People With Disabilities -

Senior Respite Care
Respite Care is a specialized program intended for both patients and their families. All About Senior Respite Care |

Assisted Living for People with Mental Health Disorders

A guide that provides an overview of the mental health conditions that seniors typically face,. and how assisted living can help.

Assisted Living in Texas
Offering information, including links to review facilities, to support seniors with their changing needs for optimal daily living.
Assisted Living in Texas |

Parkinson's Voice Project

Located north of Dallas, this well-established organization serves to assist those with PD the opportunity to improve by speech therapy and also offers a seminar series.

Brian Grant Foundation

Parkinson's News Today

This is an excellent resource of basic science and clinical updates.

The Parkinson's Foundation
Another excellent resource focused on clinical updates, managing Parkinson's, clinical centers, resources and support.

Davis Phinney Foundation
Every victory counts.

For caregivers and families
College Planning Guide for Students With Mental Health Disorders - Intelligent
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