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Our labs and collaborative publications since 2019
Soto, I., McManus, R., Navarrete, W., Kasanga, E.A., Doshier, K., Nejtek, V.A., Salvatore, M.F.  Aging accelerates locomotor decline in PINK1 knockout rats in association with decreased nigral, but not striatal, dopamine and tyrosine hydroxylase expression. Exp Neurol  376, 114771, 2024.  PMID 38580154
Salvatore, M.F.  Dopamine signaling in substantia nigra and its impact on locomotor function; not a new concept, but neglected reality.  Int J Mol Sci  25, 1131, 2024. PMID 38256204
Kasanga, E.A. Han, Y., Shifflet, M.K., Navarrete, W., McManus, R., Parry, C., Barahona, A., Nejtek, V.A., Manfredsson, F.P., Kordower, J.H., Richardson, Salvatore, M.F.   Nigral-specific increase in ser31 phosphorylation compensates for tyrosine hydroxylase protein and nigrostriatal neuron loss: Implications for delaying parkinsonian signs. Exp Neurol 368: 114509, 2023. PMID 37634696
Kasanga, E.A., Han, Y., Navarrete, W., McManus, R., Shifflet, M.K., Parry, C., Barahona, A., Manfredsson, F.P., Nejtek, V.A., Richardson, J.R., Salvatore, M.F.  Differential expression of RET and GDNF family receptor, GFR-a1, between striatum and substantia nigra following nigrostriatal lesion: a case for diminished GDNF signaling.  Exp Neurol. 366: 114435, 2023. PMID 37178997
Salvatore, M.F., Soto, I., Kasanga, E.A., James, R., Shifflet, M.K., Doshier, K., Little, J.T., John, J., Alphonso, H.M., Cunningham, J.T., Nejtek, V.A.  Establishing equivalent aerobic exercise parameters between early-stage Parkinson's disease and Pink1 knockout rats.  J Parkinson's Dis. 12: 1897-1915, 2022. PMID 35754287
Salvatore, M.F., Kasanga, E.A., Kelly,P., Venable, K.E. Cantu, M.A., McInnis T.R., Terrebonne, J., Lanza, K., Meadows, S.M., Centner, A., Bishop, C.,  Ingram, D.K. Modulation of nigral dopamine signaling mitigates parkinsonian signs of aging: evidence from intervention with calorie restriction or inhibition of dopamine uptake.  GeroScience. 45: 45-63, 2023 PMID 35635679
Kasanga, E.A., Little J., McInnis, T.R., Bugnariu, N., Cunningham, J.T., Salvatore, M.F. Cardiovascular Metrics Associated With Prevention of Aging-Related Parkinsonian Signs Following Exercise Intervention in Sedentary Older Rats. Front Aging Neurosci 13:775355, 2021. PMID 34975456.
Nejtek, V.A., James, R.N., Salvatore, M.F., Alphonso, H.M., Boehm, G.W. Premature cognitive decline in specific domains found in young veterans with mTBI coincide with elder normative scores and advanced-age subjects with early-stage Parkinson’s disease. PLoS ONE 16(11):e0258851, 2021. PMID 34788310.
Salvatore, M.F., Soto, I., Alphonso, H., Cunningham, R., James, R., Nejtek, V.A. Is there a neurobiological rationale for the utility of the Iowa Gambling Task in Parkinson’s Disease?  J Parkinson’s Dis. 11(2): 405-419, 2021. PMID 33361612.
Kasanga, E.A., Owens, C.L., Cantu, M.A., Richard, A.D., Davis, R.W., McDivitt, L.M., Blancher, B., Pruett, B.S., Tan, C., Gajewski,A., Manfredsson, F.P., Nejtek, V.A., Salvatore, M.F.  GFR-alpha 1 expression in substantia nigra increases bilaterally following unilateral strital GDNF in aged rats and attenuates nigral tyrosine hydroxylase loss following 6-OHDA nigrostriatal lesion.  ACS Chem Neurosci 10: 4237-4249, 2019. PMID: 31538765.
Churchill, M.J., Cantu, M.A., Kasanga, E.A., Moore, C., Salvatore, M.F., Meshul, C.K.  Glatiramer acetate reverses motor dysfunction and the decrease in tyrosine hydroxylase levels in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease.  Neuroscience 414: 8-27, 2019.  PMID 31220543.
Salvatore, M.F., McInnis, T.R., Cantu, M.A., Apple, D.M., Pruett, B.S.  Tyrosine hydroxylase inhibition in substantia nigra decreases movement frequency.  Mol Neurobiol 56: 2728-2740, 2019. PMID: 30056575. 

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